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Green energy powering South Australia to become global player

27 September 2021

Sustainability, Press

South Australia is a world leader in green energy, with about 71 per cent of its energy produced from renewable sources.

The state is now using its expertise to help other nations kick green energy goals.

Nick Smith, the executive director of the Growth and Low Carbon Division in the SA government’s Department for Energy and Mining, says: “We have had a focus on green energy for a long time, with our last coal-fired power plant closing in 2016.”

Famous as the home of the Hornsdale Power Reserve, also known as the Tesla big battery, South Australia is exporting its green energy prowess internationally.

In March, the state signed a memorandum of understanding with the Port of Rotterdam for a hydrogen export supply chain feasibility study.

Highly reliable weather in the form of windy and sunny days gives South Australia a natural competitive advantage in green energy. The state aims to produce 100 per cent of its energy from renewable sources over time.

“South Australia has around 69 per cent of Australia’s economic demonstrated copper resources and 44 per cent of Australia’s economic demonstrated magnetite, which lends itself to green steel and iron production using hydrogen,” Smith says.

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